Transformative outlooks

The transformative outlooks are the ultimate outcome of RRI-LEADERS’s co-creation process for the territories involved. They will represent a future-oriented strategy and action plan centred on the specific policy area, chosen by each territory, and will specifically outline the strategies and measures that will define the intended transformation in the territory’s policy agenda in terms of both processes and outcomes.

Each outlook will reflect the involvement of a wide range of societal stakeholders, as well as mutual reflection at the different stages of the co-creation process.

The transformative outlooks have the following distinctive enabling characteristics:

Territorial scope

The participating territories have their own transformative outlooks.

Policy focus

The participating territories have pre-selected specific policy areas.

Inclusiveness and diversity

The transformative outlooks are formed by a continuous and iterative process that promotes interaction between stakeholders and citizens.

Reflection and integration

The integration of the transformative outlook comes after an exhaustive reflection process.

Policy learning and self-reflection

The participating territories support and steer the emerging policy and the stakeholders to fulfil the RRI principles.

Anticipation, responsiveness and transformation

The outlooks for the transformation are designed in an anticipatory and reflexive way.