Four policy-learning workshops will be organized during 2022-2023 for representatives of the four-helix stakeholders of Sofia (Bulgaria), Thalwil (Switzerland), Western Macedonia (Greece), and Sabadell (Catalonia, Spain) to discuss, share experiences, best practices and challenges of the implementation of RRI in territorial innovation ecosystems.

The first one, “The role of research and innovation towards territorial development“, was held online on 01/03/2022, being present 27 participants and two keynote speakers:

Four stakeholders presented each best practices about the transformative potential of RRI in their territory:

The debate concluded with the following takeaway messages:

    • RRI strategies should go beyond the academic sphere, towards ‘borderless’ innovation policies.
    • RRI strategies should go beyond the academic sphere, towards ‘borderless’ innovation policies.
    • Innovation should address not only the productivity gap but also societal challenges. In this view, regions could function as innovation mobilisers.
    • There is a need for a wide public engagement and cooperation which involves the entire spectrum of stakeholders as well as long-term scenarios and inclusive programming.
    • Co-creation processes are necessary to deliver institutional changes and enable policymakers to adopt responsible research and innovation strategies and practices.
    • RRI-LEADERS’ transformative outlooks should rely, among others, on the reflection and validation through such types of workshops that enlighten different aspects of RRI logic. In this respect, a transformative outlook is considered a continuous process that promotes reflection at every stage between stakeholders and within societal groups.
    • Channels of communication, follow-up communication, and follow-up synergies are basic.
    • It is fundamental to initiate the appropriate capacity-building activities and encourage the engagement of critical actors.

The next three workshops will be held on 20th and 21st October 2022 in the Catalan city of Sabadell and in the first semester of 2023 in Switzerland and Sofia, respectively.