About RRI

A major premise of the RRI approach is that different societal actors (researchers, policy makers, civil society organisations, individual citizens, businesses, etc.) work together throughout the entire research and innovation cycle with the intention to attain better alignment of both processes and outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of society. Thus RRI is a powerful “bridging” concept on the interfaces among science and society and takes up elements of “open innovation” and crowd sourcing.

It comprises six thematic elements

About rri

To date RRI has been associated with the above-mentioned set of societal actors,  policy makers, research and education communities, business and industry, and civil society – either at a macro-level (coinciding with the scope of policy development) or at a micro-level of individual organisations. However, the potential at the level of territorial community systems has not yet been explored sufficiently, and that is precisely what RRI-Leaders will consider: the impacts on both the organisations involved and on the interactions among them within a territorial scope.