Citizen review panel manual Methodological guidelines for the organisation of citizen review panels

This manual presents the methodological guidelines necessary to conduct a Citizen Review Panel. It contains guidelines on the whole process, including descriptions of the method, the recruitment process, practical arrangements, and use of the outcome.
Disclaimer: This deliverable has not yet been reviewed by the European Commission. Its content might therefore change as a result of the review process.


September 2022


Compendium of territorial reports with orientations for the development of the transformative outlooks

Report laying the groundwork for transformative outlooks in the territories under the project. It was developed within the framework of Delphi’s exploration of consensus about future orientations for RRI in the participating territories to identify feasible future pathways for better RRI integration for each involved territory.

September 2022


Synthesis report on partners’ internal RRI review

Report presenting a summary and the individual consortium members’ RRI reviews conducted in their own organisations to identify areas for improvement in their policies and practices by integrating RRI keys and AIRR dimensions.

July 2022


Report on results of Delphi survey per policy area and per RRI key

Report presenting the Delphi survey results for the four participating territories: Region of Western Macedonia, Greece; Sofia Municipality, Bulgaria; Municipality of Thalwil, Switzerland; City of Sabadell, Catalonia, Spain. It analyses the aggregated results of Delphi survey rounds per RRI key and AIRR dimensions and per policy areas (“compounding”), highlighting how each RRI key converges within territories and their chosen policy areas.


June 2022


1st Policy Brief

The brief collects together findings from the RRI audits plus the results from the DELPHI survey rounds in the 4 territories to create discourses around policy implications beyond the involved territories’ context, thus highlighting the added value, replicability, and transformative potential of RRI-LEADERS. It features short example stories as supporting evidence for possible policy options on a territorial level.



December 2021


Territorial RRI Audit Report

Compendium of the RRI audit reports of the four participating territories (municipalities of Sofia and Thalwil, region of Western Macedonia and city of Sabadell). Each one provides a synthesis of findings from the mapping of the territorial R&I ecosystems and stakeholders, as well as of the RRI discourses, presents the findings of SWOT and TOWS analyses, and a summary of discussions in focus groups.  
Individual reports:

October 2021


Report on the RRI policy discourse in the involved territories

Summary of the findings regarding the embeddedness of the RRI-AIRR approach in the territorial policies of the four participating territories, with a particular focus on the chosen policy areas. Each territory conducted a documentary analysis as well as a participatory workshop.
Individual reports:

September 2021


Initial Delphi Questionnaire

Initial Delphi questionnaires developed for the four participating territories (municipalities of Sofia and Thalwil, region of Western Macedonia and city of Sabadell) according to a four-step process consisting of Best Practice Analysis with Scientific Literature and Practice Literature, the specification of policy objectives, qualitative system analysis including the twenty main change factors with respect to the policy focus in each territory, and the development of a common structure for the Initial Delphi Questionnaires and a first version of the questionnaires in all territories.

June 2021


Map on stakeholder relationships and interdependencies and report on stakeholder need, interest, power and influence

Summary of the findings from the in-depth mapping of the four participating territories (municipalities of Sofia and Thalwil, region of Western Macedonia and city of Sabadell), from the perspective of Responsible Research and Innovation: keys and AIRR dimensions.