July 2021

A second step of the project focused on exploring and understanding the relationships between and among the stakeholders and the society at large -within the chosen policy areas in the participating territories- from the perspective of RRI. It aimed at identifying if and how the RRI keys and the AIRR dimensions are embedded or not in the policy discourse, to outline gaps in existing policies and opportunities for integration of the RRI-AIRR approach.

In addition, participative workshops were organized in July 2021 with 20-25 stakeholders per each territory focused on making stakeholders reflect on their responsibility in research and innovation, as well as their relevance in the implementation of RRI in the chosen policy areas of each territory. As a result, a “Report on the RRI policy discourse in the involved territories” was published in October 2021 (this document has not yet been reviewed by the European Commission. Its content might therefore change as a result of the review process).