All the consortium members are conducting internal RRI reviews in their organisations with the aim to identify areas for improvement in their policies and practices by integrating into them the RRI keys and AIRR dimensions.

The review encompassed three main activities:

  1. Mapping of the organisation through a detailed examination and synthesis of the relevant internal documents to identify potential areas for integrating RRI-AIRR (January 2022).
  2. Interviews with 8-10 key members of the staff: senior managers, middle-level managers/researchers/lecturers/experts, and junior level (February 2022).
  3. One focus group with 8-10 members of the staff to explore issues not sufficiently addressed during the interviews, and clarify the divergent opinions regarding the potential role of RRI-AIRR in the overall institutional development (March 2022).

Each organisation produced a report with the findings at the end of May, based on which a final synthesis report has been published in September 2022.