A hydrogen valley in Western Macedonia


Τhe region of Western Macedonia (RWM) is becoming a reference point on the energy map and in the post-lignite era, with a series of major projects “in the works” for the promotion of the hydrogen market being at the starting point.

The signal has been already given by the inauguration of the start of construction of the new DESFA gas pipeline that will connect Western and Central Macedonia and will be the first in Greece and one of the first pan-European 100% compatible pipelines for the transport of hydrogen. In fact, RWM may be the last region in the country to secure a gas pipeline, but it will be the first to be connected to a hydrogen pipeline.

As part of this project, national and local authorities in RWM support the creation a chain of projects that will promote the overall market for the production and transport of hydrogen and all the necessary tools, machinery and technologies around it. Showing a significant level of anticipatory governance, the authorities have already set the plans to offer to the region an alternative energy source that will constitute at the same time a strong mean for regional growth. At the same time the regional stakeholders are being responsive on the RES energy needs that the region and the whole country will need in the following years, implementing energy transition at the most effective manner.