Alexandria Innovation Zone


Around the world, Innovation Zones act as magnets for large and small companies or research and development departments of large companies that need partnerships, high-level management and scientific staff and a supportive financial and tax environment to succeed. The Greek state, aiming to turn Thessaloniki into an international hub for the development of science- and knowledge-based entrepreneurship, established the Alexandria Innovation Zone (AZK) of Thessaloniki.

In particular, in order to achieve its objectives, AZK’s strategic plan is based on the following pillars:

  • Zoning and urban development for the creation of the first Digital Innovation Centre for Agri-Food in an area of 60 acres granted to AZK in Thermi, Thessaloniki.
  • Creation of the 4th generation International Technology Park Thess-INTEC.
  • Development of a new cluster to support start-up entrepreneurship at AZK’s new premises in the historic centre of Thessaloniki.
  • Management of the OK!Thess incubator for start-up entrepreneurship
  • International partnerships to attract foreign direct investment.
  • Establishment of networks and promotion of Thessaloniki as an innovation friendly destination

In total AZK constitutes the most effective mean to implement RRI-based policies in the direction of innovation promotion and knowledge development. By attracting and accommodating start-ups that may operate in an interactive environment, sustainable development is achieved in parallel with the ethical implementation of science and innovation.

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